Brendan McKian is a versatile singer-songwriter/composer/producer/performer, capable of writing music for a band or artist just as easily as for the screen. Brendan was the staff song producer on SyFy’s hit show Defiance, writing nearly 100 songs in three seasons. His songs have been featured in dozens of shows and films including, Proven Innocent (Fox), Into the Dark (Hulu), Hell Fest (CBS Films), and Happy Death Day (Blumhouse). Brendan is a frequent collaborator with his brother, composer Bear McCreary, and handles many of the pop and electronic elements of his scores. Currently, Brendan is the singing voice of the ghost of Freddie Mercury on Netflix’s Big Mouth, singing the now infamous Emmy nominated song, “What’s it Like to be Gay,” - and the front man for Oingo Boingo Dance Party (the reunited Oingo Boingo from the 80s) as well as writing and producing his own work under the moniker - McKian.